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SUBURBAN SPIES by Anthony Brina (& co-author)
PUBLISHER; Trafford Publishing, Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA
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Suburban Spies has been written as a series of short stories, each of them true accounts spanning a total of 5 years. Anthony Brina is one of few controversial targets who are subjected to methods far beyond common gangstalking. The mystery remains as to why Anthony Brina is a person of interest to a great many people at the highest levels of our societies..
The book is of interest to 1) gangstalking victims, 2) people interested in undisclosed programs to the public, and 3) anyone interested in their wellbeing, safety and the effective governing of their city, state/province and country.

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The blog is being visited by people from 33 different countries from around the world making over 450 visits. The publisher`s webpage for the book has been visited just over 600 times. The Suburban Spies videos viewing has hit 500. I want to say thank you to visitors for their time and interest. I would be glad to receive any comments you have and any areas of interest about the book you would like to know more about. You can contact me (anonymously if you like) or the co-author at

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(i) ". . . and for me, this book is VERY well written, and most importantly, reports objective experiences of target Brina. No exaggerated claims, no blaming the harassment on groups for which the author has no proof are responsible. And he does relate instances where people he has contacted have acknowledged some familiarity with the problem of organized harassment. As you can see from the table of contents, Brina's story shows that the harassment crime syndrome many targets call "organized stalking and electronic harassment" is a WORLD WIDE phenomenon.
". . . there is a way this book CAN be useful to us. That is, we can EXTRACT certain of Brina's experiences, without referring to his book or his status in the business world, to back us up. For that reason, and for using this book in that fashion, this book is worth having . . ."
"Suburban Spies by Anthony Brina. Shows powerfully that even highly placed corporate executives are not immune from the crime syndrome of organized stalking and electronic harassment!"

Testimonial, Eleanor White (Founder, Road To Freedom)
See Eleanor White`s complete book review at

(ii) "While there are an ever increasing number of individuals who've been targeted for organized stalking crimes, few have actually had the finances to be able to publish their accounts in a book. Novelist Gloria Naylor is one of the few TI's who's actually been able to do so, and more recently, another TI by the name (pseudonym) of Anthony Brina published his accounts of being an organized stalking victim in the book Suburban Spies."

Testimonial, James F. Marino (gangstalking victim)
See James Marino`s complete book review at

(iii) “I finished your book, and it was a good read; there are many similar experiences to mine (personal story)….”

Testimonial, John Hughes (gangstalking victim)
See John Hughes` complete book review at

- C -
(i) " CBS 60 Minutes
(CBS) Everywhere in the world, every day, people’s phone calls, emails and faxes are monitored by Echelon, a secret government surveillance network. No its not fiction straight out of George Orwell`s 1984. Its reality, says former spy Mike Frost in an interview broadcast on 60 Minutes on Sunday, Feb. 27.
"Its not the world of fiction. That`s the way it works. I`ve been there," Frost tells CBS News 60 Minutes Correspondent Steve Kroft. "I was trained by you guys," says the former Canadian intelligence agent, referring to the United States National Security Agency.
The NSA runs Echelon with Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand as a series of listening posts around the world that eavesdrop on terrorists, drug lords and hostile foreign governments.
But to find out what the bad guys are upto, all electronic communications, including those of the good guys, must be captured and analyzed for key words by super computers. . . .
"My concern is no accountability and nothing, no safety net in place for the innocent people who fall through the cracks," he tells Kroft.
Democracies usually have laws against spying on citizens. But Frost says Echelon members could ask another member to spy for them in an end run around those laws. . . . .
The exposing of such possible abuses of Echelon will surely add to the growing firestorm in Europe over the system. On Feb. 23, the European Parliament issued a report accusing the U.S. of using Echelon for commercial spying on two separate occasions, to help American companies win lucrative contracts over European competitors. The US State Department denies such spying took place and will not even acknowledge the existence of the top secret Echelon project.
Rep. Porter Goss (R.-Fla), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which has oversight of the NSA, does acknowledge that the U.S. has the capability to pick up any phone call, and that even his own conversations would have been monitored.
But Goss says there are methods to prevent the abuse of that information. "I cannot stop the dust in the ether...but what I can make sure, is that ...the capability is not abused," he tells Kroft. "

introduction - Suburban Spies

(ii) Anthony is driven out of his home town, St. Catharines, Ontario CANADA
“This combination of the phone being listened in on and conversations in the house also monitored made for a nightmare. The majority of interactions I had with people in the city brought conversations full of my own words and phrases being repeated back to me. Friends, family and others who followed me to establishments I went to, would do this. It was a nightmare while I was awake. I would confront some of these people, only to receive condescending remarks and denial. I had explained that if it continued I would have no choice but to leave, as this circumstance was not healthy for me and I was suffering for it. Some friends who were causing the problem for me would tell me that they would be sad if I went, yet they continued to push me away with this harassment.”

page 36 - Suburban Spies

(iii) Anthony is harassed in Japan and finds help
“The weeks dragged on becoming more difficult to endure for the harassment. Some of the Japanese staff seemed to know what was going on and would offer a friendly conversation amidst the antagonistic situation. It had become difficult for me to meet people. I believe the Japanese staff found me to be a good type and offered help. On two occasions I had been offered a Japanese girlfriend by the Nova staff…… I had entered a stairwell to go to another floor in the building when I came upon a female Japanese staff member I knew and a Japanese girl with her. They stopped as I approached to smile and bow. I greeted them, “Konichiwa”. They didn’t say a word as the familiar girl gently moved the other girl forward toward me and took a small step back herself. As she stepped back she bowed and with both hands and arms motioning to me to take the girl.”

page 50 - Suburban Spies

(iv) Anthony is stalked and watched in Italy
“On more than one occasion people would follow me into a restaurant I was eating at. I had found a pizzeria on the campus which had a dinning room area. I had been there more than once to enjoy the food and chat with the staff and the odd customer. I had become a bit suspicious of customers who entered the restaurant after me. These people weren’t look-alikes but it seemed they were there for the purpose of provoking me to speak to them. As a person or a small group entered the restaurant to sit near my table, the restaurant staff would come to my table and talk with me. I got the distinct impression they were trying to distract me from the newly arrived customers sitting nearby, so as to keep me from talking with them. I wondered what harm there was in talking with these people, and then thought that perhaps there was more to this situation than I knew.
On one particular evening as I sat at my table which had me facing the entrance of the restaurant I saw a man come in from the street. He spoke a few words to the bartender stationed near the entrance which I could not hear, as he began to look into the restaurant as if looking for someone. I watched him as he peered in all directions until his eyes met with mine, as I was staring directly at him. At my sight his head snapped up with a surprised look of guilt in his face as he hurriedly turned and left the restaurant. It was as if he needed to know of my whereabouts. Once he saw me there he could leave. For what purpose, I don’t know.”

page 59 - Suburban Spies

(v) Anthony is scammed and mobbed in China, the Bureau of Foreign Affairs pushes back against the perpetrators

“A few paces out the door, the owner followed me out and began to shout loudly toward the sky. I stopped and looked at her wondering what she was saying. I continued to walk away when a man crossed the street to stand in front of me. I moved aside to walk passed him when he grabbed my jacket with both hands. I was surprised at what he was doing and wondered what the woman had yelled upon my leaving the shop. I hit the man`s hands off me and yelled at him so I may continue to walk. Once again he grabbed my jacket with both his hands, and this time the woman came to grab one of my arms. They seemed to be content in keeping me from leaving. I grabbed the man`s arms and made him release me while the woman was pulling on my jacket with a crazed laugh and smile….
…. Again, I knocked his hands off me, only to have another man grab my free arm. Now I had the crazed woman holding my left arm and pulling my jacket such that I could her the stitching begin to tear, the first man holding me with both hands by the collar and the third man holding my right arm….
…. In short time there were three, then four men, plus the woman all holding me….
.... It was clear now that the woman who followed me out began yelling that I had not paid, …
…. I stood there with this half dozen people clutching and holding me. I gently kneed the man in front of me in the groin as I looked straight into his eyes. He gave a surprised grunt and unsuccessfully tried to repeat the same back to me. The situation was ridiculous and offered no end. I looked to the ground behind the man in front of me, as I was thinking of bringing him to the ground. I took a firm grip of his jacket collar preparing to use his weight against him. I looked past him at the girl who refused to give me the massage. She was looking on with surprise and a bit of uncertainty. I returned her look with one of anger and suggestion that she should do something before someone got hurt. She lifter her mobile phone to her ear and called the police….
…. He introduced himself as a Foreign Affairs officer and took charge of the matter. He questioned several of the people involved, including the girl, woman and man I fought with, and finally he questioned me. As the man I fought with left the police station he gave a distinctive deep sinister laugh, the likes of which I have only heard on television by an actor. As I tell the story now, its not the laugh itself that is peculiar, but the fact that I heard the exact same laugh some days later coming from a vehicle passing by as I rode my bicycle….
....By now it was the middle of the night. The Foreign Affairs Officer told me that I was free to go, that I did nothing wrong and that I don’t have to pay any money. Before I left the police station he told me that I should not go to the same place twice.”

page 80 - Suburban Spies

- D -
(i) President George W. Bush admits the existance of other secret programs
August 1, 2007 5:53
Bush Official Acknowledges Multiple Secret Surveillance Programs
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"President Bush signed off on a series of secret surveillance activities under a single executive order in late 2001 Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence, has acknowledged in a letter to Senator Arlen Specter. In writing the letter - an attempt at defending Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales from allegations that he may have committed perjury - McConnell has made the first public disclosure "that a controversial National Security Agency program was part of a much broader operation than the president previously described," writes the Washington Post. The admission makes clear that the President's order included other undisclosed activities apart from the surveillance of e-mails and phone calls that the administration confirmed in December 2005. The "full scope of the NSA's surveillance program under Bush's order has not been revealed," notes the WPost...."

These programs are illegal and have only been permitted to continue for being secret to the public !

(ii) A perpetrator (Suburban Spy) in the Ontario government continues to frame Anthony Brina

The link shows copies of documents exchanged between the Ombudsman of Ontario and Anthony Brina and the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) of Ontario regarding his sabotaged case with the FRO. The Ombudsman of Ontario is investigating the case.

(iii) A perpetrator (Suburban Spy) living in Calgary, Alberta CANADA
Suburban Spies tells of a female spy planted to push Anthony Brina to suicide. Peng Guo (aka Cindy, Peggy, Patty) is a look-alike of a person Anthony had seen previously. She had been working for SNC Lavalin in downtown Calgary. She exhibits schizophrenic and delusional type behaviour and violent outbursts. Her access to surveillance information included knowledge of activities in various companies which she used to smear and discredit the same companies. The book contains pictures of a suicide note planted by Peng in Anthony Brina`s residence. Local authorities in Calgary were suspect of the activities of Peng and her brother (Bob) Xiao Bao Guo who was also working for SNC Lavalin in downtown Calgary.

(iv) Anthony Brina now back in China
After his return to Canada (Calgary, Alberta) to address accusations against him due to his forced departure from Canada, groups remain to wrongfully accuse him. Companies continue to bar him from his career work and he is prevented from having normal relationships with people.

Anthony has returned to China where companies persist to bar him from his career work . He is the target of many scams by people with access to surveillance information of him.

- F -

(i) People SHOULD NOT co-operate with perpetrators of these programs, and SHOULD help target victims


(ii) A photo of Peng (Suburban Spy)

(iii) Videos of Suburban Spies